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Tuyển dụng - Our DNA


Safety – core component of a sustainable company

Safety – uncompromising

Your safety is my safety.

Safety For Me, For You, For All!

We want everyone to go home safe every day.

Respect each other

Listening to others

Respect for human rights and embracing diversity

Hand in hand with honesty

Honoring the contracts and agreements we sign

Pioneer spirit

Boldness, ambition and courage

Adapt and overcome adversity and develop agility

To be curious and embrace challenge



● Stand together

Pioneer would be of no avail if we did not stand together

Be loyal and trust in each other

“Think Total” and Team spirit

Be responsible and giving back to the communities

● Performance minded

Strive for excellence

Think big but don’t short the details

Just doing something is not enough; we have to do it very well, even be the best

It’s basis of the trust that we establish with our partners and customers