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Tuyển Dụng - CSR


Since 2003 Total Vietnam has been engaged in the community activities such as building schools, providing scholarships, assisting in medical activities and safety with some typical projects:

- Since 2014 Total Vietnam has covered fully or partially the operation costs of the“PointCom” to provide education for 70 underprivileged children (in partnership with Poussierres de Vie (NGO) (Pic 1+2)

- Has sponsored the Life Project Management to provide 24 underprivileged youngsters with free profession orientation, English and IT classes at the LP4Y center. (Pic 3)

- In 2017, Total Vietnam's Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has reached a new height with a dedicated CSR Committee was formed and allocated budget three times higher than previous year, focuses on safety and education.


In 2017, Total Vietnam partner with Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP) in the Road safety project at Doan Thi Diem nad Ngoc Lam primary schools in Hanoi, Dong Da and Ham Nghi primary schools in HCMC. (Pic 4)

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